Christian Louboutin's LoubiWorld fragrance collection

 I’ve always loved Christian Louboutin and was eager to try their new parfumerie. It absolutely lives up to its luxurious, sophisticated with a twinge of rebel name.

The red bottle denotes the label’s signature red-soled shoes.

Something new you’ll love! This scent is great for anyone tired of the same old floral perfume. This perfume is sophisticated with a light finish that makes it more feminine. The scent lasts all day without being overwhelming or giving you and everyone around you a headache.

I was super excited to try this new Christian Louboutin Loubidoo Eau de Parfum. This perfume is floral and fruity and I mostly smelled the rose notes over any other but you do get a hint of woody and strawberry notes as well. I typically tend to go for cleaner citrus scents but this scent is a touch mysterious and luxurious. This fragrance makes me feel ultra sexy and feminine while I wear it. It’s definitely one I would put in my date night rotation. 

Fragrance notes: Strawberries, Rose bouquet, Cedarwood

Presented in a multifaceted red glass bottle with a silver cat-shaped top, the Loubidoo eau de parfum from Christian Louboutin's LoubiWorld fragrance collection is an enchanting floral-fruity scent. Enriched with top notes of fresh strawberries and a heart of rose, this feminine fragrance is grounded by cedarwood for a charming and mischievous sign-off that’s perfect for everyday wear.

It was love at first whiff! While I never thought of Christian Louboutin as a perfume leader, I was pleasantly surprised. These floral notes with hints of sandalwood will leave you absolutely enamored. 

This perfume smells amazing. It is not too strong but lasts all day.

Crafted by expert nose Daphné Bugey with top notes of myrrh and a heart of cypriol, this mysterious perfume is both spicy and oriental. Anchored by accords of santal wood, the potent scent is bold and long-lasting for a memorable olfactory experience.

I loved this scent. The scent is a bit floral but more rosey, not sweet. It is something that I would wear on a date-night. It lasts a long time on my skin. When I wear it on days when I am just going to be at work, i try to put a little on so its not too intense and it makes me feel very put together and feminine. It definitely has a feminine sexy vibe to it. I use a lot of perfumes and this one definitely feels more high quality and expensive. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel great, who wants to eave a lingering scent in the room, make people notice them as they walk by.

Each fragrance from Christian Louboutin's LoubiWorld collection is housed in a high-octane red glass bottle, but the Loubifunk eau de parfum is also topped with a pineapple amulet top to reference its carnival and samba inspirations. Floral on the nose, the scent is formulated with blackcurrant, Turkish rose and patchouli for a light and playful addition to your olfactory repertoire.

Christian Laboutin’s Loubikiss Eau de Parfum has a warm, darker scent and felt more of a sensual scent. It makes me think of an evening in front of the fire or a romantic dinner for two. While this wouldn’t be my choice for an every day scent, I would wear this for a date night at home or a special occasion. 
Created by master nose Daphné Bugey as an ode to eternal love, this Christian Louboutin fragrance from the coveted LoubiWorld collection is imagined in a red glass bottle with a calavera skull lid and pursed red lips. Titled Loubikiss, the eau de parfum combines floral and woody notes for a lasting and hypnotic scent.