Best from Dolce & Gabbana FW21

Speckled with archival memories from that time, the show embraced present-day e-kids’ expressed nostalgia for a fashion era they never experienced, “’90s Supermodel” T-shirts in tow.

For years, Gabbana said on a phone call from Milan, young people have been begging the designers to revisit their signature ’90s sexiness. This season, they finally gave in. Said Gabbana: “But the starting point is different. Today ‘sexy’ is the same word but with another value. In the ’90s, you’d dress sexy for other people. Now, the young generations dress sexy for themselves, because they love it. It’s kind of a new hedonism.”

In these digital pandemic times, that fact is relentlessly represented in thirsty confinement selfies on social media, shot on camera timers and Facetune-d and filtered beyond the bounds of the human body. Whether or not those ego exercises are solely done for personal gaze is arguable. But for all its youth-centricity, Dolce & Gabbana’s new direction isn’t pandering blindly to the digital generations. “The most important thing about technology is humans. Humans make technology. It’s handmade,” Gabbana said. His newly Smurf-blue hair—“I had it 25 years ago!”—matched that of Aqua’s mid-’90s Eurodance contemporaries Eiffel 65. (

It is impossible to take your eyes off this bright outfit from Dolce & Gabbana . Luscious lightly metallic jeans and sweater with drops of fused metal effect - look awesome! 

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