Close up: Dolce & Gabbana SPRING 2021

 “The important thing to us is that each piece is interpreted by skilled hands, one after the other, and in that way, each has its own character, its own story, its own passion, its own vision,” said Dolce.

 “From this comes the uniqueness of each piece.” But this wasn’t just a tribute to the talented craftspeople behind the clothes. In the individual looks and in the collection as a whole there was timely symbolism, a sartorial acknowledgement from a brand that has been charged with cultural insensitivities in its own past, that in this time of global crisis we are stronger together—that this is a moment for unity and bonding, not coming apart. The fact that they messaged this by exploring their own heritage only makes it more potent. As for the long dresses of many colours and prints at the end of the show? Hope and optimism aplenty.