Close up: Elie Saab Couture Spring 2020

Elie Saab is no minimalist; you won’t find practical daywear options in his Couture collections. The Spring-Summer 2020 show was an unabashed ode to a world of opulence that lives in dreams and fantasies—or on red carpets.

The dresses by Elie Saab looked as if immersed in an uninterrupted stream of curlicued embroideries, incrustations of florals and pearls, and intarsia-ed baroque swirls. With embellishments of an imperial magnitude, shapes seemed not to differ much from one another, overwhelmed by ruffles, swirls of rosettes, and bows. Silhouettes had fitted bodices and dramatic Elizabethan leg-of-mutton sleeves with trains and long capes adding to the majestic effect. (