Balmain FALL 2020 MENSWEAR

As Rousteing said: “I think my vision has become bigger because I’ve discovered where I come from. I’m proud of my origin and I’m proud of who I am today thanks to my French parents in Bordeaux.” Rousteing’s agenda this evening was to create a collection of clothes that was a mirror of himself, a man whose upbringing and cultural identity is French and bourgeois, but whose recently established genetic code is bi-national and North East African. Or as he put it: “Half Ethiopian, half Somalian, and 100% Frenchman.”
Rousteing’s new self-knowledge has given him access to a hitherto unseen spectrum of expression upon which a key realization was that the multi-cultural identity he was haunted by when it was unquantified is, now that he knows, a superpower. This he used gently by reminding the hundreds in his audience—via map of the world prints and zodiac embroidered coats (he’s a Virgo, btw)—that all our differences are what we have in common. Or as he put it: “we are all together. We have one sky and we look at that sky together. We are just nomads, nomads of the world.” This made me think of an excellent line from Yellowman’s “Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt”: “he come from the planet of Earth.” Plus those sneakers were out of this world. (