Close up: Paco Rabanne FALL 2019 READY-TO-WEAR

It was the most referenced collection Dossena has ever put out for Paco Rabanne. It wasn’t costume—the fluidity, the split skirts, and the layering saw to that.

Some who watched mildly complained that they missed the futurism Dossena has worked into his collections up until now. Yet now is now. Who dares or wants to project forward into the day after tomorrow, let alone to where we’ll be years hence? For the moment, dressing to the hilt is—as this show proved—about the best escape route fashion can offer.
" It’s about how you uplift yourself through dress. In the end, that’s all we expect from fashion. You know—that thrill when you wear something special? It gives you power; it gives you confidence.” said Julien Dossena. (