MUST HAVE: Eccentric jewelry featuring fabulous, often unexpected, stones is what the Mexican jeweler does best

18K Gold Chameleon Ring with Peridot centre stone and pave tsavorites, amethysts, and emeralds. The designer was inspired by the chameleon's ability to adjust to any environment and the idea that we don’t always have to stand out to make a difference.

This chameleon's golden eyes have movement, bringing the piece to life in gold and gemstones. Composition: 18K YG, CT 6.68 Peridot, CT 1.95 tsavorites, CT 0.43 Amethysts, CT 0.10 Emeralds
Color: Green
Made in the USA
Daniela Villegas' one-of-a-kind 'Marco Polo' necklace takes the owner for an adventure of the merchant and adventurer, who travelled from Europe to Asia in 1271–95.

One of the first Europeans to glimpse an Asian Rhinoceros, Marco Polo thought the horned beasts were unicorns. This pendant features Russian seraphinites which serves as the body of water, embellished with various gems that serve as reminders of his trip such as boats, rhinoceros and snakes.