Lian’s bridal dresses are sewn to compliment every brides’ figure

The bridal collection of Lian Rokman spans from the classical and romantic to the modern and sexy designs. Each breathtaking design is garnished with immaculate details of the highest quality materials. All high-quality fabrics and laces are purchased from various importers around the world.

Lian’s bridal dresses are sewn to compliment every brides’ figure. The dresses are comfortable, organic, and simultaneously sophisticated. To look at Lian Rokman’s bridal collection is to look at a masterpiece.

Lian Rokman is the next generation of fashion designers because she knows how to offer a bride everything that she will ever need on the most important day of her life.

Inkberry is a play on the enchantment of geometric design. A high collar of geometric material hugs the body until it opens into a breathtaking skirt that further opens into a train.
From the back, a unique geometric design parallels the neckline. This modern design is brought to life through detailed handwork that compliments unique high-end laces.

Primrose is the definition of elegance. An ornamental piece forms a high neckline that introduces modernism to this classic look. Manually sewn beading and pearls, in addition to a unique belt, offer the details that adorn the curves of the body.

 Gorgeous long sleeves open into a plunging neckline in the front and open back. With an open back, paralleling the plunging neckline, the bride-to- be will feel both sexy and classy.

Orchird is a celebration of beauty throughout the generations. This romantic design has translucent sleeves adorned with delicate petals. Both the high neckline and cuffed sleeves offer a softness that is further transformed by the exquisite skirt that opens into a remarkable train.

By introducing detailed hand work to multiple layers of intricate lace, Lian Rokman creates soft elegance fit for every bride.