Hamda Al Fahim SS19: These dresses tell a story, the story of the magical tune

Each flower, with the purpose to define and highlight the feminine figure, is realized with combinations of different types of feathers creating a central bud, surrounded with petals. The delicate salvage of the lace fabric is used to finish the slit and hem.

When the fiery sphere of the Sun cools in the waters of the Gulf, the sky is coloured all with the same coral tone. The transitioning colours of the sunset time stop into that coral calm. This dress tells a story, the story of this magical tune.

The silhouette is fitted and defined with gold-corded fine French lace, featuring delicate long sleeves and a boat neck, this dress flares out through the various insertions of contrasting tulle and lace to create a flattering elongated figure and a playful element is revealed through the ankle length of the hem that is circulated with ruffles.

The gown is embellished with a series of innovative handwork techniques using unconventional materials like velvet, silk ribbons, and tulle to produce a subtle dimensional effect of fluttering leaves and moving branches.

This dress is inspired by the divinities of the skies of the ancient Greek. The gown embraces the body in its draped lines, featuring an open neck drop and a soft drape which takes on the appearance of the most feminine feature: the collar bones and shoulders.

On the right side of the dress, from the waist line, yards of ruffled fabric, descend to the floor with a dramatic effect that goes in strong contrast with the plain Taffeta fabric of the draped dress. The strength of this dress is definitely in its bright vibrant color that will without a doubt leave a lasting impression.

Walking at the Sunset time, I love to admire the Turtledoves flying low in the sky, between the trees and their leaves, lightly floating in the wind. This lightness in movement inspired me to conceive this dress.

A layer of fine turquoise silver-corded French lace is covered with hand-dyed ombré tulle, creating delicate drapes that hug the figure and flow upwards to unfold into ruffles and fall on each side in their different nuances of greens and blues.

Fine matte sequins flow in the form of moving branches, embracing the figure. The dainty lace, tulle and intricate handwork meet with airy handcrafted Coqui feathers to give more dimension and depth.