Close up: FW19: Emporio Armani READY-TO-WEAR

Delve into the Emporio Armani FW19-20 fashion show with a video of some of the most representative looks of the collection.

Entitled Freestyle, Mr. Armani’s notes explained that it aimed to see “opposites harmonize in unexpected and individual combinations,” a manifesto that was a broad continuation of this season’s menswear collection.
Certain single garments were in themselves a synthesis of the high-low harmony EA was seeking: jeans, shirts, and jackets whose structural girders—waistbands, shoulders, hems—were cut in washed denim to support fabric claddings cut in semi-sheer checked organza.

These pieces were worn against abstract herringbone-patterned pants in black-on-gray velvet or a cursive, lowercase “ea” sweatshirt. Armani was not so gauche as to contrast an evening look with a sneaker—this was a sneaker-free zone—but worked to make his contrasts more oblique. (