Pronovias: Unique, feminine and stunning. Three words that describe this marvelous design

Put an end to stereotypes, be different, set a trend and choose a dress as original as this imaginative design with feathers.

A short dress with an asymmetric neckline set apart by its movement and the delicateness of the feathers to envelop a silhouette as special as you are. This dress is surely much more than unique, it is brimming with personality and its own style.
Unique, feminine and stunning. Three words that describe this marvelous design. An extremely special dress that blends the nakedness of the plunging square neckline and v-back, crafted in draped chiffon with crystal tulle reinforcement, and the sensationally imaginative skirt created with countless levels of rippled tulle with degradé effect that fades from white to nude.

If you are looking for a romantic and sweet wedding dress, a unique and special design that will make you the center of attention, this is doubtlessly your perfect dress.

An ultra-feminine design with evasé skirt in embroidered tulle with large 3D fabric and beaded flowers, fitted at the waist, with a spectacular wrap-over, blouson bodice with a ruffle and off-the-shoulder effect that descends from the back as if it were a little cape.

The most innocent romanticism is embodied by this dress with tulle evasé skirt and bodice with illusions covered with beaded flowers. A design inspired by the magic of gardens in spring that outlines a suggestive v-neck and sensual v-back.

The essence of elegance and glamour blend in this spectacular dress with double look and two-piece effect. A mermaid design in tulle with beaded embroidery that is complemented by a detachable evasé overskirt that creates lots of movement.

The draped bodice features a close-fitting chiffon waistband and opens into a modern plunging v-neck that connects with the square back. A very sophisticated dress for a very special bride.