Close up: Ralph Lauren New York Fashion Week Fall 2018

Featuring well over 100 looks, the anniversary show was historic in scope and scale. The opening fashion message leaned into the singular brand of American elegance that Lauren is known for.

One part grit, three parts grace, the clothes ran the gamut of military surplus, cozy flannels, and tactile opulence in the form of velvet patchwork and delicately fringed sequins.

Those counterintuitive impulses often found themselves operating most effectively in the same outfit: think, a glittering bias-cut skirt paired with a cozy Army green pullover and sparkling baroque costume jewellery.

Even the most precious pieces seemed touched with an approachable kind of sumptuousness. The meticulously dishevelled velvet appliqué on one standout coat was especially eye-catching. (

“My 50th Anniversary Collection is inspired by the timeless heroine who thrives on originality, creating her own personal style through an eclectic combination of influences, from a romantic kind of vintage to a bold, modern sophistication.” Ralph Lauren