To align the results with Coco Chanel’s heritage, and with what any girl would absolutely kill to wear right now

The point of difference between this collection and other brands’ preseason shows is that it’s intended to display the work produced by the Chanel-owned luxury artisan-specialist companies: Maison Michel (millinery), Barrie (Scottish cashmere), Goossens (jewellery), and Lesage (embroidery).

The sailing concept couldn’t have been a better showcase for them. There were riffs on navy Guernsey knits, with sailor collars and thigh-grazing leg-warmer boots in the Scottish cashmere. A brilliant array of jewelled cabochon brooches, cap pins in the shape of stars, sparkling crystal bootie bows, and pearl shoulder straps was made by Goossens.
And Lesage sequins shimmered like oil-slicked water. (