PatBo FW18: Richly-embroidered gowns channel a South American spirit

This kimono jacket is fully hand-embroidered in threadwork florals combined with latticework made of blue glass beads.

The finishing on the edges appear to have a cord finishing but is fully embroidered in volume and spiral artwork. The hem is detailed in free-standing latticework in blue glass beads with fringed tasse

A hand-embroidered floral and bird motif of metallic gold, green and jet-black beads instantly elevates the classic poplin shirt. In white. Long sleeves. 100% cotton. Made in Brazil.

Ornate jacket embellished with bright floral beading that sparkles over the deep crimson velvet. The hand-embroidered beads in turquoise, cayenne, amethyst, and jade tones flow around the shoulders and down the front.

Cropped cable knit sweater embellished with hand-sewn pearl beads in silver. Beaded epaulette on each shoulder. Cinched at the waist. In baby blue. 100% acrylic. Made in Brazil.

Riffing on the classic oxford, the bright button-down top features a collar hand-embroidered with golden beads. V-shaped ruffle down the front with an eyelet border evokes a Victorian sensibility. Subtle pearl buttons down the center and at the cuff. In white. 100% cotton. Made in Brazil.

This style is fully embroidered in an ombré effect using pleated sequins that resemble liquid. This embroidery creates the impression of fabric. Beaded latticework along the cutouts of the silhouette. This style uses 20 different types of materials.