A whimsical and poetic masterpiece by Hamda Al Fahim , these gowns tells a story...

As the name suggests, this vibrant gown was inspired by the original ‘it’ girl: Clara Bow.

Renowned for her vivacious flapper persona, we recreated her signature allure with a modern silhouette. Thousands of delicately beaded pink tassels are handcrafted and sewn in staggered layers on top of a pink metallic lamé skirt.

Using the finest illusion tulle, the top is made up of several intricate cascading designs creating the effect of floating jewellery.

Cut from over 70 yards of fine mustard tulle, this dreamy ball gown is a true showcase of classic femininity. The top, featuring long sleeves, is entirely embellished over a delicate illusion tulle, using an exquisite combination of mustard-coloured materials.

From seed beads to glass beads, sequins to crystals, manipulated tulle to embroidery, the amalgamation of materials in the top have created a honey-comb floral masterpiece.

A whimsical and poetic masterpiece, this gown tells a story. Designed in-house, this ombré fabric resembles the transitioning colours of a magical sky at sunset, dusk or dawn.

Cut into a deep plunge neckline, the peach tulle is pleated and embellished with beautiful crystals scattered as if to mimic raindrops.

The silhouette remains very free-flowing and easy, as the skirt flares out slightly from the waist to the ground. Delicate intricate roses are made from the finest tulles matching the gradients of the gown beautifully.

They descend from the waist to meet the sparkling embroidered poem, and they climb upwards from the hemline, through a second poem, to meet and nest within the shimmering moon. A romantic marvel for the dreamers.

An opulent double sided teal taffeta is used to construct this luxurious ball gown. Cut into a boned and concealed corset, the top is fitted and very structured with a straight and defined neckline suspended onto the shoulders by two neat straps.

Turning up the volume, the skirt is pleated and flares out with a gradual hemline, descending toward the back and cascading over a dramatic jupon of teal tulle. Sparkling tear-drop sapphire crystals and silver gemstones designed into baroque-inspired floral motifs are hand-sewn onto the gown, for that extra glamour.