MUST HAVE: Mallarino is the ancient art which makes every piece of jewellery exceptional and unique

Each Mallarino piece is hand-made with extreme care, using the delicate technique of filigree, which consists of hand-sewing the jewel with a gold thread. Generation after generation this ancient art has been master by Colombian artisans; it demands extraordinary manual skills and the love and knowledge of noble metals. Filigree allows for magical shapes, which make every piece of jewellery exceptional and unique.

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This stunning mix matched earring set features a parrot gold filigree accented with a blushing flower, and an intricate filigree floral stud
Product Details

Mismatched pair
Accented with a silk blush pink flower
Composition: Sterling Silver Gold Vermeil
Color: Vermeil

This tropical chic bracelet is sculpted with an open cuff silhouette with unparalleled filigree technique

These stunning earrings feature 3 blush blossom drops, each separated and accented with intricate gold filigree
Product Details

Drop blush and cream silk flowers
Accented with gold filigree leaves
Composition: Sterling Silver Gold Vermeil, Blush And Cream Silk Flowers
Color: Vermeil And Blush

These whimsical earrings feature an intricate gold filigree parrot sculpted into a marvellous hoop silhouette
Product Details

Intricate gold filigree details
Parrot sculpted in a hoop silhouette
Composition: Sterling Silver Gold Vermeil
Color: Vermeil