Close up: Hamda Al Fahim couture

The collection was inspired by Disney’s animated movie, ‘Frozen’, and the beautiful icy blue dresses the ice queen would wear. The collection has a lot of icy blue tones, dark blue hues, pale pistachio, off-white and, of course, a signature fully embellished piece.

The fully embellished dress’ medium was skin-color tulle, in layers, with a Chinoiserie-inspired artisan handwork (including peacocks - our favorite!) covering the dress. 
Hamda Al Fahim Fashion House was collaborating with a skilled artist, Choe Dong Chol, to handpaint for dresses.

They had two off-white faille dresses, fully constructed and finished, on mannequins where he can directly paint on the dresses – using the dress as a fresh canvas for artwork. The artwork was chosen as an inspiration from Chinoiserie art, and he brought the inspiration to life beautifully.

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Pistachio Tafetta Ball Gown with Embellished Peacock on Skin-Color

Navy Blue Brocade Mermaid Cut Dress with Floral Brocade Appliqué Off the Shoulder.

Hamda Al Fahim's navy Blue Brocade Ball Gown with Bare Back and Asymmetrical Brocade Appliqué on one shoulder.