SS23: Find traces of tulips—inspired by Tulip Mania

For Spring, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia present bursts of florals that instantly spark joy with a fresh exuberance. 

Find traces of tulips—inspired by Tulip Mania, a short period in 17th-century Holland when the flower’s value rose to meteoric heights—in statement architectural silhouettes and magnified into painterly prints. Alongside this season’s version of the now-signature floral-appliqué mini, updated with 3D butterflies and hydrangeas rendered with hyperrealism across prints and frothy embellishments, the results capture the fairytale-like romance of classic American glamour.

Story behind: Tulip Mania the short period in the 17th century when the price of tulips rose to exorbitant heights in Holland ( a single bulb was worth a mansion in Amsterdam) inspired the duo to explore tulips and Dutch hydrangeas and butterflies, given their significant role in migrating tulips across continents.