Close up: Giorgio Armani Spring 2020

A summer wardrobe characterised by delicate femininity and a link with nature's elements, filtered down through creativity and imagination.

An echo of colours and materials sketches out a movement that passes from the density of earthy browns and dark greys, moving through liquid blues, and finally evaporating into ethereal notes of lightest pink and pearly grey.
And in this delicate progression, the rich silk becomes tulle, organza, georgette. Everything is transparent and weightless, even the multiple layers.

Long, strapless silk dresses were layered over opaque pants with necklaces of cascading woven beads. Another parachute pant, this one smoky gray, was worn with a pale green bow, a ruffle-edge vest, and a necklace of a long, looping metallic cord. The earthiest we got for around 20 looks were the brown accents and the pragmatic wearability of much of it. Then a sleeveless Nehru-collar shirt and long skirt in brown with green abstract foliage curls signaled a shift that led via double-leg black pinafore culottes to an increasingly lush series of diffuse tropical leaf prints, metallic coruscations, and those mineral flourishings played out in tulle scrap scarves and hems. The defining colors—griege and navy apart—were malachite green and halite pink, and much of the full, furling organza twists or intensely beaded embellishments had an organically cultured spontaneity to them.