Pnina Tornai's brand new 2020 collection debuted at Bridal Fashion Week

In a world where we are often fed with fake news, fake looks, fake truth... the only way to find our paths is to be real.

Real with ourselves.

Real from the inside out.

Just Real.

I have chosen to present Real as a mosaic of different silhouettes and a combination of almost every fabric there is in bridal, walking down the runway on a variety of models representing almost every bride from every culture, colour, and size.

I photographed this collection amongst the beautiful ruins of a past civilization, rich with history and

long-lost stories. To be real is to go back to our very foundations, like the ones you see in these photos.

To be real is to keep in mind that the only way to achieve perfection is to accept our perfect selves as they already are-- Real.

Pnina Tornai