Zimmermann FALL 2019 READY-TO-WEAR

" I was thinking about the world of espionage and came across the story of the Nancy Wake, who grew up in Australia, and later became a spy in Europe during WW2. Known as the White Mouse - because she was so hard to catch - Wake became a leading figure in the French resistance, assisting the escape of the thousands of persecuted people and later working as an operative of the Allied forces.

For me the work of a spy evoked a mood of subterfuge and sabotage. And this story really set off my imagination - a mysterious and brave woman, a chameleon who moves around in secrecy, strong and resilient, always evasive so as to never be caught. I loved the idea of such a feminine, skilful and selfless figure - a woman who helped people in the most difficult of circumstances.
Her story just sounded pretty amazing to me and was a rich source of inspiration for the collection."  Nicky Zimmermann

There were more knits, more dress silhouettes, more texture, and more prints. Wake was a chameleon, after all, and Zimmermann understands that these days, that’s how a lot of women want to dress.