The Swan collection by Hamda Al Fahim

For her collection, entitled "Swan Lake," Emirati couturier Hamda Al Fahim released a series of ballet-inspired gowns comprised of delicate ruffles, 3D embroideries, sheer, tulle skirts and traditional motifs of the dance form, including bows and swans.
Tulle, tulle, and more tulle.. Combining about 40 yards of fine tulles the silhouette of this layered gown was created with the clear inspiration of a tutu in mind.

The layers of fabric carefully descend into a transition of colors, from black to dark grey and light grey at the bottom, as if to replicate the transformation from human to swan. The pleated fitted bodice is lined with a boned corset giving it a very defined silhouette against the dramatic volume from the waist down.
A black satin ribbon wraps around the waistline criss-crossing across the front and back, giving the overall gown a slightly edgy and dark mood.

As the name suggests, the intricate draping on this gown resembles that of a flowing dance. The drapes fall in a luxurious, liquid manner and ripple around the body in a wrap-effect.

The chic column silhouette is classic and understated while the gold lamé fabric speaks volumes. The off-shoulder gown is completed with a final sprinkle of gold embellishment on the bust, adding that extra touch of glamour.

As the name suggests, this showstopper takes forefront and centre stage. Made from hundreds of delicate layers of pink tulle and an internal boned bodice, this gown falls to the floor in voluminous, tutu-inspired tiers, each one trimmed to create a gradual flow.

The bodice is entirely embellished with the most precious pink beads for that extra sparkle. With a dainty belt cinching at the waist, the ball gown creates a dreamy, yet flattering, silhouette.

A true showcase of femininity, this gown is made from endless yards of fine peach tulle. The pleated bodice leads into a commanding, flared skirt, which is entirely covered with hand-made tulle puffs for a dramatic and opulent silhouette.

The deep plunging neckline is accentuated with a delicate silver bow made from luxurious silver beads and sequins. A final touch is added onto the shoulders with plush peach boa feathers gracefully contouring the neckline.

Inspired by the swan lake ballet, this gown is a modern interpretation of the classic tutu costume worn by the prima ballerina in the leading role. Cut from an elegant white tulle, this gown has a delicate lightness in spite of the floor-skimming length and opulent feathers.

The fitted bodice is entirely embellished with authentic boa feathers in a gradient color-scheme, from white to greys to black, and back out again. They are carefully hand-sewn onto the bodice making it appear as though they are a second skin. A final touch of glamour is added with luxurious black beads and a black velvet belt cinching at the waist.