Brunello Cucinelli: Love for the art, the traditions and the Italian craftsmanship

The special Shimmer beaver velvet embellishes the sartorial lines of the jacket with an exclusive touch. The extreme fluidity of the light and soft fabric amplifies the iridescent and shiny effect of the texture.

The shiny monili embroidery behind the collar introduces the precious detail of the iconic element of the Brunello Cucinelli style and adds a sophisticated point of light to the double-breasted jacket. The fit offers straight and comfortable proportions which are slightly lengthened at the bottom.

The new cardigan is an exclusive piece, entirely hand-made with the traditional crochet technique. By combining high-level craftsmanship and creative flair a creation of great value is born. Yarn processing makes each model unique.

Within each row, heterogeneous and precious materials alternate without a fixed pattern in order to create a unique texture that is different for each garment.

The cardigan has a cotton grosgrain ring belt, and an adjustable drawstring at the bottom. The fit of the cardigan offers straight and comfortable proportions with very dropped shoulders.

The fine workmanship of the new yarn creates a unique effect, which recalls the velvety texture of suede. The special yarn combines the soft mohair and alpaca fibres with a technical multicolour strand similar to fine leather, which is finished with glitter to add shiny highlights to the sweater.

The iconic decoration of the Brunello Cucinelli collections lends a gleaming touch. A row of four strands of shiny monili is embroidered inside the hood and deep adjustable neckline with button.

The fine, natural mohair, cashmere and silk fibers enrich the winter knitwear collection with a precious new yarn. The voluminous texture and slightly uneven nuance amplify the chiné effect throughout shape of the turtleneck sweater. The fit offers straight proportions with slightly dropped shoulders.

The pure cashmere English Rib sweater is enriched by a traditional element updated in a modern key. Inspired by the style of ancient obi sashes, the detachable accessory is embellished with a luminous effect.

The buckle has a sophisticated finish that diffuses intense reflections throughout the metal surface. The adjustable belt can be easily removed with a small button in back. The shape is comfortable and straight, with slightly dropped shoulders.