MUST HAVE: Alanui's cardigan is inspired by Native American iconography

Created by Nicolò Oddi in dialogue with his sister and muse Carlotta, luxury Italian label Alanui is defined by its colorful jacquard knitwear that pays homage to Native-American iconography. The perfect travel companion, each oversized cardigan is handcrafted from 980 grams of Cariaggi cashmere and can take up to 11 hours to make. Don’t miss the new hooded styles and cable-knit sweaters in our edit.

Alanui co-founder Carlotta Oddi has called the Italian brand's famous cardigans "a white canvas" to be customized with a new array of colors and jacquard patterns each season. This style has been hand-knitted in Italy from Cariaggi cashmere and trimmed with vibrant fringing in rainbow hues. Use the tie belt to define the oversized fit.

Alanui's cardigan is inspired by Native American iconography. Handcrafted from 980 grams of Cariaggi cashmere, this oversized style is jacquard-knitted with a night sky, desert landscapes and howling wolves. It's traced with soft fringing and has a detachable belt for a waist-defining finish.