MUST SEE: Saiid Kobeisy’s Whispers Of The Sea Haute couture collection

Saiid Kobeisy’s take on Fall is nothing short of a nautical fairytale that will elevate your wardrobe to instant greatness. Each look has the wow-factor that the Lebanese designer’s loyal clientele lust after.

With stores in Beirut, Dubai, Kuwait, Michigan, and LA, his growing number of fans will soon reach across the globe. We speak to the rising star about personal style, the Saiid woman, and success.

Like the Tahitian pearl of the sea, glow in this draped and slit long dress.

… And sewn in the threads into the deepest blue where the secrets of the sea reside… This multi layered long dress holds whispers in every thread.

Shimmer like the crystal blue sea in this mermaid embroidered long dress...

Let the waves flow around you in this long slit dress, fully embroidered with sea shells.

Become ONE with the deep blue ocean in this cerulean sea themed, thread and crystals, multi layered long dress.